The woman drink 3 years Soybean Milk breast cancer tonic can not easily entrance

Chinese always pay attention to not drug Sibu, therapeutic regimen theory has been prevalent in the country. But recently, the network exposed women to drink milk for 3 years of cancer, causing public health care diet panic. Doctors advise, therapeutic regimen should pay attention to an antidote against the disease, not all are suitable for food.

The more, the better. used in this sentence does not seem to eat the above utility. Recently, a woman drinking 3 years Soybean Milk cancer news aroused panic in the network, the original woman of estrogen is too high, and Soybean Milk inside contain phytoestrogens, for 3 years Soybean Milk eventually suffered from breast cancer, it is regrettable.

has 30 years of experience in her, do B ultrasound examination for suspected breast cancer patients, always very seriously about their diet, results after the discovery of cases, five kinds of tonic health products royal jelly, gelatin, Dendrobium, ginseng, protein powder, is not suitable for all women to eat tonic inappropriate to bring a lot of trouble, and even serious consequences.

and now the society said eating natural self grinding Soybean Milk is one of the methods of women’s health. There are Soybean Milk phytoestrogens, the female hormone level is low in women with moderate drinking Soybean Milk is good, but if their high estrogen women, if the negative effects of continuous administration of Soybean Milk words may bring heartbreaking.

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