Female college students Wang Ziyue paper cut cut out the wealth of life

, who says women than men, in this age, girls than boys should be able to go more, what is no longer have to rely on others, but the number of female entrepreneurs also grow with each passing day to say today, this is a wonderful girl, his own Wang Ziyue called a female student, and rich. Take a look at her story. The invention of

2007 in October, Wang Ziyue and the father of the magnetic paper-cut patent from nearly 3000 patents at home and abroad for the talent shows itself into CCTV, "I love invention" contest, after a rigorous assessment of asset evaluation Chinese Association, Chinese Invention Association and other relevant departments of experts and scholars, magnetic paper-cut because of its market and project good social benefit and good irreplaceable advantages, and ultimately won the CCTV recommended

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