The whole production process of croissants business

There are many varieties of

bread, for example, what kind of hand torn bread, croissants, steamed bread, mostly because of the different methods of production so named. Many people like to eat croissants, want to know how to do, for this small series can not only recommend for everyone to join the brand, but also to introduce the production of croissants. Please refer to the following:

croissants can be made by hand, the oven door needs a very subtle grasp, in order to make the special soft crisp bread. Each slot is of thick butter flavor croissants, with jam or butter, plus a glass of warm milk, the most typical of the French breakfast, convenient, reasonable nutrition, provide for a day of good mood for you.

formula: 270 grams of high gluten flour, low gluten powder of 30 grams, milk powder of 20 grams, salt of 6 grams, sugar of 20 grams, dry yeast of 7 grams, eggs, 35 grams, water, 120 grams, butter, 35 grams, wrapped in butter.

production process:

1. put the butter, high gluten flour, egg, water and stir well into the group, roucheng smooth dough.


2. knead the dough on the room temperature (25 degrees) fermentation for an hour, fermentation to the original 2-2.5 times. With his fingers dipped in flour into the dough, pull out the finger after the hole does not collapse nor shrink, it means a good fermentation.

3. when the dough is slack, you can prepare the butter.

4. the dough with a rolling pin roll out, roll into a rectangular patch, the length is 2.5 times the width of the sheet can be butter.

5. place the butter in the center of the rolled dough, fold the dough from one end to the middle, and cover it on the butter.

The other end of the

6. will also turn to the middle of the dough, so the butter pieces wrapped into patches in the mouth, pressing.


7. patch is rotated 90 degrees, with a rolling pin wrapped butter dough, roll out a thin rectangular patch again.

8. from the surface of one end of the 1/3 to the face of the middle fold, and the other end of the 1/3 from the middle of the fold. This is the first time seventy percent off.

9. fold the good surface, put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Then again on the board, with a rolling pin roll out.

10. again seventy percent off. >

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