Anhui to venture up to 500 thousand yuan subsidy

now in order to encourage people to entrepreneurship, Anhui province also introduced a lot of corresponding policies and measures, especially now in order to attract some people outside the province to Anhui province from the aspects of entrepreneurship, but also to promote entrepreneurship.

I day before a number of policies to support the high level talents of innovation and entrepreneurship. Especially in the solution of high-level talent, "worries", in the medical, housing, children’s education, employment and other aspects of the spouse to be policy protection.

the provisions of the province, scientific research personnel of high-tech enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain equity incentive income through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, can in principle in 5 years to pay personal income tax. Scientific research institutions, colleges and universities to transform the results of scientific and technological achievements in the form of shares or equity ratio of investment in the form of individual incentives for scientific and technological personnel, according to the individual income tax preferential treatment.

in the housing sector in our province, the corresponding policy support. The high level talents into the local talent apartment directed with rent object range; high level talents will meet the urban housing security conditions included in the scope of protection of public rental housing, or by the unit to provide free housing turnover for their living, to meet their basic housing needs.

new high-level talents from the market since the purchase or rental housing, local government or unit may be given a certain purchase, rental subsidies. The employer should set up the housing accumulation fund system to determine the stable labor relations.

unable to arrange   work; there are also living subsidies

The employment problem of spouse

in the high level talents in medical and health services, the province will establish a medical Easy Access. Among them, the health care unit for the establishment of health services for high-level personnel files, arrange more than three local hospitals for their services, to provide convenient access. Regularly organize high-level personnel free physical examination services, the cost of local governments to co-ordinate the multi-channel solution.

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