China’s entrepreneurial activity is high and the content of innovation has yet to be improved

2014, Prime Minister Li Keqiang first proposed the "mass innovation, the entrepreneurial management" slogan, called on the community to pay attention to the development of innovative power utilities. China has carried out a reform of innovation and entrepreneurship. According to the survey, China’s entrepreneurial activity index is higher than the developed countries in Europe and America, which is also one of the important Chinese economy can maintain rapid growth.

1 28, Tsinghua University, China Center for entrepreneurship research and Enlightenment holdings, Tsinghua University Institute of innovation and innovation jointly issued the global entrepreneurship observation (GEM) China report. The report said, in the "double" wave, Chinese entrepreneurial activity in the global drive efficiency driven and innovative economy is in active state.

however, the report pointed out that the content of innovation Chinese entrepreneurial activity needs to be improved. Although Chinese entrepreneurial activity index higher than that of the developed countries the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan, but the venture "products using new technology" (25.63, fiftieth) and the development of "new market" (24.6, sixty-ninth) of the index is far lower than that of those countries.

Investigation of

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