Ten Home Furnishing luxury brand rankings

luxury related to all walks of life, which is a very important component of luxury goods, the industry also has a lot of brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of luxury goods, so as to give more consumers a choice of reference, which can be more suitable for large brands.

home luxury ten brand list NO1- Italy B& B

B& B Italia Italy furniture brand is recognized as the world leader in the field of modern interior decoration. B& B Italia Brand Company products show the history and achievements of Italy design, so that the world to appreciate the Italian imagination, creativity, taste and expertise. Piero left his family business in 1966 and founded his own furniture company.

Piero entrepreneurial ideas to convince the famous furniture brand Cassina’s senior leadership, they set up a cooperation in Italy C& B company (that is, the first word to take Cassina and Busnelli). Busnelli successy acquired C& in 1973; B company’s share, officially renamed Italy B& B company. B& B Italia more than and 30 countries in the world have opened stores in Europe, Asia and the Americas, such as: Italy, Milan, London, United States of New York, Seattle, Shanghai, Hongkong Chinese, Japan Tokyo, Osaka etc..

home luxury ten brand list NO2- China bode tiles

bode company renowned for its scientific and technological innovation and product innovation, has undertaken the national Torch Program, the national key new products, the national science and technology innovation fund and other national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research and development projects. The company developed the production of "Seiko jade" products, in the world’s first exclusive production technology of glass ceramic composite plate microcrystalline, has received a number of national patents, in the history of the development of world building materials to create a new green ceramic products are brand new, which is known as "the world ceramic science and technology revolution".

luxury home ten brands list NO3- Germany Dornbracht

the world’s leading brands of high visibility, but also the authority of the cultural sector spokesmen, known as the leading sector of the "Rolls-Royce", the origin of the family. The appearance of the product is known for its artistic design, with the German high-end sanitary ware giant "Verbatim" Villeroy& Boch associates, showing a luxurious and elegant bathroom space culture. Today, Dornbracht’s leading production, manual operations still account for more than half of the Dor>

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