Chen Dong of Henan God eleven flying group astronaut

today to open the most eye-catching headlines on the "God eleven" of the relevant information, which has to be said that the people of Henan, Chen Dong, an astronaut who participated in the first flight. October 16th morning, the Shenzhou eleven manned mission in the press conference, spokesman Wu Ping, Shenzhou manned spacecraft is scheduled to launch at 7:30 on October 17th at the Jiuquan satellite launch center. The flight crew consists of astronaut Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, as the commander of the order of the Jing Haipeng.

astronaut Jing Haipeng took part in the Shenzhou seven, Shenzhou No. nine manned mission, astronaut Chen Dong is the first time to participate in manned mission. Chen Dong, but Henan people!

the handsome astronaut Chen Dong, is our Henan people oh!

Chen Dong: 6 years preparing to play the "missing", looking for his high school teacher in

yesterday, Chen Dong – a strange face and a common name.

today, he attracted worldwide attention, was plated with a layer of golden light – "God eleven" flying group astronauts.

13 years ago, looking at Yang Liwei to space magnificent scene, Chen Dong excited: This is the hero of indomitable spirit!

6 years ago, he followed the footsteps of heroes, to join the flying dream team, becoming the second batch of astronauts.

now, 38 years old, he finally took the flying baton, standing on the starting line to fly to space.

"I can do it, I’ll do my best!" For this moment, he went all out, ready to fly higher and further space.

"when the monitor, let me know what is called responsibility"

grew up in the factory of Chen Dong, in the children’s school has always been the "child king". The naughty mischievous Chen Dong, did not expect that one day will become a "quiet, steady, strong sense of responsibility" of the astronauts.

just like Jing Haipeng’s dream lit need an opportunity, Chen winter life is also waiting for an appropriate moment.

at this moment, when Chen Dongsan came. Just as "particularly bad" – he got in trouble, in his words, "not particularly reliable".

that day, the school to the school teacher sent a la carte, the whole heap of food in the small playground. After school, Chen Dong led a group of small partners in the pile recommended

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