Do make fruit business site decoration needs attention

everyone to eat fruit, even a day to eat a lot, in a large population of China, it is not a small amount of demand, naturally, many businesses want to create a successful business venture choice. As we all know, want to run a fruit shop, to ensure that the business is booming, the site is the need to pay attention to decoration. What specific? Interested friends can easily understand.

do fruit business how to make money? Site

generally, next to the market, next to the bus station, high-grade residential areas, mature residential areas, hospitals, the five place is the best fruit shop.

1. farms gathered around the area of people, people always want to pick up some vegetables when buying vegetables.

2. bus station is the crowd distribution center, conveniently buy fruit to bring home a few people.

3. upscale residential areas in the sale of high-grade fruit is relatively easy, there are profits, money is relatively easy.

4. is a special hospital near the fruit shop, in addition to the supply of district residents near the fruit, also can do this basket line business is relatively easy to do.

5. mature residential area is generally said that the old residential areas, residents do not have,

do fruit business how to make money? Decorate layout

on the decorative layout, fruit stalls can not say much, clean and fresh, neat and orderly eight words can be summarized. Therefore, the following is a brief introduction to the layout of fruit stores.

1. store signs advertising planning:

store advertising in order to attract attention, must be concise form, novel style, harmonious color to highlight their image, otherwise, it will be ignored by consumers.

design content includes: (1) light box (2) facade poster

2. planning on the ceiling

(1) hanging plastic green branches and leaves on the ceiling and fake fruit, highlighting the natural, green, health concept of the fruit shop.

(2) lights highlight the natural color of the fruit, the choice of high brightness fluorescent lamp is better, there will be no color deviation.

(3) with more fruit to eat healthy, green health, such as banners hanging banners every day to increase the atmosphere.

do fruit

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