Chef open restaurant may not be smooth sailing

Chef Restaurant may not be smooth sailing, there are many examples of failure. May also be strange, why not cook a good restaurant? Chef shop, do a good job, the shop is not necessarily a fire, small series today to talk about the chef set up shop in the six failure cases, to help everyone in the shop on the road less detours.

A failure case of

"identical" to follow the trend of open shop, closed a month

just start it will be a bit small, but also technical, not willing to work for others, others looked at the shop is very easy, every day fantasy shop to make money, for some reason I also embarked on a transformation of the way the kitchen manager. My first store only forty square meters, ordinarily operating well, not to earn money, hard money is very stable, otherwise the result, store "dead" miserably. We were the popular Hot pot chicken, fish Hot pot, I rented a forty square meters of shops in a snack street downtown, also stem from the Hot pot, I did not want anything else, look at others to do business Hot pot good, have followed suit. I do not know what the market positioning, the street are selling hot pot, I and others

stem is late, as like as two peas, but others must do. Shop has not opened a month, catch up with SARS, the streets are not even. Later, I transferred the store to open a Chinese restaurant, the first time I set up shop failed.

two failure cases

I in the shop process, the deepest feelings is the relationship is very important, here mainly refers to the relationship to deal with government departments. Cook the first shop, are generally small, the money is not easy, many of them are out put all sorts of things together. Cooks when dealing with the circle is very narrow, generally peers, very little contact with government departments. The shop at the beginning, various government departments will take turns examination, a little problem that change colddishes structure, otherwise it is closed for this little money to self, a chef, it is fatal.

comments: more than a friend, much of the road. Cook also want to get through the relationship, expand the scope of social circle.

three failure cases

ignore contracts four words   rent for second years up to eighty thousand

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