Beijing Yizhuang the first robot industry incubator open

with the development of economy, science and technology have made great progress in modern life, intelligent gradually widely used at the same time, the arrival of the robot, add more convenience to our life. 2016 world robot conference is hot. The first domestic robot industry development fund and create a beiren beiren also hit the incubator in Yizhuang recently listed, the following Xiaobian together and know the specific.

group is the Beiren Printing equipment industry leader, in recent years to develop the intelligent robot core manufacturing industry, to build the intelligent robot industry innovation — a high innovation park intelligent robot. The start of intelligent robot industry investment fund, a fund by one beiren beiren group and a venture capital co sponsored and funded the establishment of.


fund is divided into 3 sections: one is oriented intelligent robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing, high-end medical equipment project early growth fund; two is the intelligent development fund for high-end intelligent equipment, industrial 4 medium-term development projects; three is the intelligent industrial fund intelligent manufacturing, new material industry, the transformation of traditional industries etc. Industrial projects.

in the development of science and technology, to the power of technology to achieve better development, cannot do without innovation of each unit, only practical and innovative products, it will have more value in the market, in order to have better competitive strength. On the same day listing beiren also hit the incubator, will use the northern group of existing technology, capital, talent, platform and network advantages, with a record of the fund’s professional management team and large social resources, relying on a smart robot Innovation Industrial Park, and actively introducing robotics and intelligent manufacturing and other high-end equipment in the field of innovation projects and enterprises, to provide efficient and convenient services for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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