Brand clothing franchise management matters needing attention

brand clothing management matters needing attention, but there are a number of important points need to pay special attention to people, specifically what is it? Let’s take a look at it, we want to provide you with scientific guidance, so that you can easily respond to market competition.

1, operation technology and training

The franchisee shall be based on the

has been mature and easy to use mode of training, to master the operation and management of technology and management mode of a set of stores on the. But now Shenzhen’s clothing brands include well-known brands, almost do not have their own terminal management system and training team, such as trainers, supervisors, merchandiser, store management manual, this brand of problems is the terminal market to achieve their sales, brand stores, tension is not enough, the quality of magnetic conductor and the lack of ability, run single phenomenon, which not only affects the franchisee and brand sales, more important is the brand value of reputation is difficult to form, resulting in product value to upgrade, and ultimately affect the profitability of enterprises.

2, continuous assistance and guidance

(1) brand enterprises assigned experienced supervisors regularly visit the store, and do substantial support to correct the bad practices of the franchise, on-site guidance and solve operational problems.

(2) to maintain effective communication with headquarters. Such as periodic statements and information feedback, and now many brands even regular feedback table is difficult to do, this is not the franchisee has not received training and terminal management system and system issues.

(3) to help the franchisee to enter into business plans and improve operating performance, effective market and business analysis. Some companies currently use the POS system because of the statistical characteristics of non industry, resulting in product sales data type, style, color code ratio, and regional differences, the accumulative prediction and other important data to statistical analysis, the POS system not only is almost nothing to the sales department and the production orders have influenced the decision value of information, but the statistics department played a thick report to allow the operator to be dazzled.

(4) advertising and brand image support.

brand clothing franchise management considerations need to focus on the above two points, if you want to get a good profit that requires a lot of attention to these important details, ready to challenge, to learn it!

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