7 keys to help you succeed in business

investment is a rich rich fast road, when you find a suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, how to improve the management, to achieve the ideal effect, the whole network Xiaobian master some information, go and have a look.

One of the secrets of success:

"consider yourself can bring what skills for business, and then through the introduction of complementary partners, the partners need to have you no experience." Yang de · · Roche, Ford (YanndeRochefort) said. He is the owner of the Boqueria snack bar, a restaurant in New York, a newly opened store in Washington, D. c.. I used to do marketing and brand development, as well as solid accounting and financial skills. I don’t know how to manage a restaurant’s daily problems, and launch the menu." De · Roche, Ford said. He teamed up with the famous chef Seamus · (SeamusMullen), the concept of the restaurant for its Iberian, there is no better than the practical experience of the candidates for the Mullen.

The successful operation of the


"if your area has a lot of family, or have a lot of single people, people on a date; you are open in Manhattan, or in the central United States, with an average income of $50000 to $60000?" Small. All of these issues will affect your restaurant is a table, table or a bigger table, and you are to provide home food in a casual environment, or in a warm environment to provide a more formal dinner service. Small advice, don’t forget to ensure that all aspects of brand consistency. "People often due to poor management of restaurants to seek our help, and we soon found that this is because there is a disconnect between the menu and the physical space," Cosmo explained, "you can’t provide $9 or > in beautifully designed space.

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