Chinese New Era Chinese choose to join the project a good whole

I always think the food is the greatest thing in the world, it can not only maintain the people’s life, also can make people happy, and sometimes heal effect. Of course, it can make you fat, but fat Never mind, death is better than greedy dead. If you want to go into the food and beverage industry, do you have a good idea of what to do? Xiao Bian think Chinese food is very good, but so many Chinese food, which one to choose? Xiao Bian recommend a new era of Chinese food brand for you.

with the constant exchange of Chinese and Western food culture, Chinese food is more and more favored by foreigners. In the new era, Chinese food takes the oriental culture and absorbs the advanced idea to provide consumers with the value of food.

Chinese food to join the project in the new era of good Chinese food

a new era of Chinese Management Co. Ltd., is located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, is a characteristic snack delicacy management company, in the characteristics of research, chain operations, management consulting and marketing planning, collection at home and abroad, many of the top experts. Is committed to the development and operation of modern Chinese special snack, a new era of Chinese food processing of raw materials, research and development, training, market operation, brand management, integrated service platform, to provide and thoughtful investors.

a new era of Chinese food to nutrition, delicious and popular with consumers, golden corn, after careful modulation, in developed with hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant characteristics of the main taste, taste fragrant, pure aroma, smooth mouth etc., restaurant with Shandong, Sichuan cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, such as colored. Chinese, Japanese, Western-style food meals and other food, plus fast friendly service, clean and comfortable environment, a new era of Chinese company has developed a number of brand stores, shops spread all over the country.

a new era of Chinese restaurant, a bowl of beef sauce. Beef taste is moderate, not too old to bite, not to chew without tender. But the best thing is to hide the bean curd in the bottom of the beef. On the plate is also equipped with a variety of cut into a ball of fruit, dragon nut shell to do a dish, pour salad dressing, I am afraid even the degree of detail five star hotels are not comparable to

joined Chinese new era project Chinese food is one worthy of you to join the brand, if you want to understand the brand to join the information, please in the message below our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you see and discuss with you to join.

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