The family was not exposed to lightning thunderstorm weather out need to be careful

Qingming season is very much, go out to worship has a lot of danger, in the near future, there is a family to be swept by lightning, in order to avoid such a tragedy, after the rain to go out, I hope everyone should be careful!

It is reported that a public

, which were killed in lightning, the remaining three people immediately sent to the county hospital for treatment, then transferred to the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang, has no danger.

it is reported that in April, Jiangxi ushered in the season of thunderstorms. April 6th at 7:20, Jiangxi meteorological observatory issued a lightning yellow warning signal, after 10 am, lightning warning signal upgraded to orange. In fact, in the country, Jiangxi is a lightning prone areas. So when you go out at home or to pay more attention to safety. Thunderstorm try not to go out.


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