Fish soup noodle is how fat Kyrgyzstan joined

delicious vermicelli, in our life, has been very popular food. The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, their own to open a noodle brand stores, is a very wise choice. How fat Kyrgyzstan fish soup noodle? Worthy of our choice to join the project!

legend, in the Ming Dynasty, a merchant south travel business, as a way of land of idyllic beauty, everywhere taogongliulu, a pleasant climate, not by the businessman mood, way to enjoy the scenery along the way. To a place called the place of a lake, Lake Island, far see island has a white beard Weng Zihu shore pole fishing, the merchant went with the chat. White beard Weng is a ripe old age, but sonorous and forceful, ruddy, in good out of a bandbox. In addition to silver white silk flowers did not see signs of senility. The merchant asked the old man of curiosity, the secret of longevity. The old man smiled and said "no secret of longevity, just like eating wild fish in this lake".

man Yi young period, obtain fame, since the lake on the island of studying, and. The wife daily meal, to see him wasting away, he killed the mother in the home chicken stew, feed and tonic. Stone pot warm soup, from home to the South Island is still hot, with the chicken soup for him to eat hot noodle, Schiff food will make it taste, let his wife often send the chicken soup and hot noodle and tonic, his wife heard frown, just a hen years to grow, if every day. Send chicken soup, even though a few days stretched. His wife, thinking all the way, suddenly see the lake lake wild fish leap, his face suddenly click into place, a stratagem comes to mind. The next day, his wife pay for his meal, just changed the mother chicken soup Nanhu wild carp soup, he was eating a surprised, praising his wife clever dexterity, the wild carp taste compared to chicken soup ifheavier, fish soup thick a good mood. Wife Road: "this lake wild crucian carp which even daily rice noodle is not sent".

unfortunately, the man later did not acquire fame, Chafanbusi, beginning secretly sigh, his wife, see her husband before his melancholy don’t care, no hint of slack. The husband and wife think day and night care, if blindly negative so unable to get up after a fall, my wife. So calm, look at the daily bird bird habitat, the green hills, see flowers blooming like a piece of brocade cenglinjinran, free will, pole fishing in the lake, lived a life happy and pleased with oneself. Perhaps this is the state of mind, so that the old Weng heart without distracting thoughts, so healthy and long life.

heard this, Jia think this is the wild carp soup has the effect of prolonging life, back home began to follow, although not sleep can prolong life, but the merchant has a special liking for this is rice noodle, eat a hundred tire. So this food will gradually spread down!

first-class quality, delicious and tasty food, join the choice, is not a style. Fatty fish soup noodle Project > Kyrgyzstan

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