The stationery store how to increase repeat

no matter what the industry’s shops, if you want a hot business, to increase repeat customers is actually a very good means of operation. And a chance to contact the stationery industry, it is precisely because of this opportunity to let me know the knowledge of doing stationery. For members of the community, I am just a novice novice, lack of experience. My store has been in operation for a year now!

shop is located in the vicinity of a primary school, in my neighborhood, there have also been a number of stationery shop for a long time, for me, the pressure is quite large. My shop in addition to stationery, but also operates a number of plush and boutique, animation and some creative small things, such as a grocery store! How to operate their own shop, I have to share some good hope, don’t you forgive me!

service awareness, smile treat people

to the guests into the shop first show a smile, give the guests a kind of feeling. "Warm, thoughtful, active" service attitude, have a good sense of service work. One day a few students come to the store, I asked what they need, these students just look around, I have a right attitude, just to see, and they talked about during the day, although what they finally did not buy, but finally left the store and I said: Aunt you very good, very warm. If we treat each customer can do this attitude, over time, it will form a good reputation, a small stationery shop does not worry about no repeat customers.

commodity type

commodity rich, not single, diversified. In addition to the conventional pen pen, but also have some creative funny cartoon pen, small pendant tag card, the students love I have a little. Make some of their own DIY jewelry, jewelry, stationery sales promotion is a small way.


in our school on Friday afternoon primary school is not a class, at noon after school my stationery shop for pupils to do sales promotion, buy a send one for some to sell the pen or something else. The weekend is for high school students to do stationery bags, such as 20 yuan each child (there are two pens, a box of two color tape, a cartoon book, hang the same price certainly selling price lower than usual).


help students purchasing, while helping them recommend some creative new products. Slowly and familiar to students and students, actually very easy to deal, as long as you take a sincere attitude to them, they tend to trust you, so find something I can see the purchasing, purchasing goods size 5-15 yuan purchasing fee, when goods to occasionally sent directly to the school. Now most of the students have difficulty in choosing, we can recommend

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