Also can eat congee all in the home

fast new year, over the years from the spring is not far away, the natural summer will follow. Method of quickly collection following porridge for summer!


] tips porridge

first rice porridge water.

meters after scouring the net bubble for 30 minutes, to y absorb the water to cook rice, a soft and thick porridge.

the proportion of water to the right amount, boil thick porridge: add 5 times as much water as rice; thick porridge of the seven points: add the water in the water for 7 times; thick porridge with a mixture of more than 10 times the water in the rice; a thick porridge of about 20 times as much as three meters of water;

constantly stirring sticky. Porridge is not clever, thirty-six stir, so you can cook a good porridge oh.

made all sorts of cool ice porridge


] mango ice porridge

material: small mango 2-3 glutinous rice amount of appropriate amount of crystal sugar


1, rice, glutinous rice panning clean, need to water, and then into the pot, into the amount of water, small fire after the fire to boil, cook until rice flowering, porridge can become sticky.

2, porridge, when the mango wash, a part of the mango meat cut into small pieces, a part of mashed mango mud reserve.

3, wait until the porridge cooked into the mango mud and part of the mango Ding, stir well and then add the right amount of crystal sugar seasoning, and then cook about 5 minutes can turn off the fire. Put the porridge on the side of the cool, like ice can be placed in the refrigerator, drink and then sprinkle the rest of the mango Ding embellishment can be.


] pumpkin ice porridge

material: rice, pumpkin, sugar.

practice: 1, pumpkin cut small pieces, rice panning clean, soak for a while;

2, add appropriate amount of water into the pot, and then put the pumpkin and rice together;

3, boil and turn to small fire cook for forty minutes, before the pot with a spoon to stir the pumpkin rotten into the porridge can be.

4, cool in the refrigerator, eat a small bowl, add sugar and mix well!

[lotus root porridge]

material: fresh lotus root 200 grams, white rice 10>

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