What are the underwear store location techniques

do business need to pay attention to the details are many, the location is the more important one, is also worth considering, good location is equal to the success of entrepreneurship, good location can help stores to attract more consumer groups. Underwear is a woman’s necessities of life, never saturated market, unlimited business opportunities, is a good choice to start a business, then the location of the lingerie store what is it?

skills, the first choice to return to the warm way, than the location of the warm weather and the cost of rent is not much to see.

One of the two skills,

shop detail way to: pass to the Ru Ru which region, whether people the purpose of your people.

skills three, site selection can not only consider the location and not consider the competitive environment. If you are surrounded by dry wild electricity, and you start between the lingerie store this uncertain words; if the number of clothing shop around your clothing underwear, so that we can promote each other off the ice, is very harmful.

skills four, get together to get a master degree. There are more than five lingerie stores around, you also make underwear, then you must have the characteristics of the goods, take a different route, as well as the famous brand of evil, otherwise it is difficult to abandon.


skills, if you do is the public leisure brand, is convenient to consider the crowd has been a district level to increase the pick-up rate; if you do is common narrow niche market, it can be considered in the secondary business district, in order to reduce the rent and other cost burden.

six if you shop in the street, the street in the middle of the store not to. Fruit will look forward to the goods will be more than three, and so she finished a lap, may be poor, hungry or long-term events, and then come back to the store you purchase the possibility of small.

skills seven, shop Yin and Yang face is also very kind to. In the north, in the street on the sunny side of customer interest, less traffic on the side; the business company, the same rent, then both sides of Ma Road, the turnover is two times worse.

skills eight, the middle of the first selection of Senior Shop in the store shop; leisure species in the middle of the first choice of Bo stores.

nine, the vast matter in the skills of the premises or the adjacent shop together. Because the shop one step will be 30% transactions. This has been fixed line, Chou may go to this when the turn, then this side of the point that I can not go to the passenger side.

skills ten, site to consider the flow of people will not be stopped by competitors.

underwear is a woman can not be missing, it is now very popular in the entrepreneurial industry, it is worth considering, master the skills of the underwear site selection, the development of the lingerie store more help, more help for the store’s sales

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