Foggy skies over Xining yesterday

in the morning of March 6th, the sky in Xining has not been clear in the past. Relevant data show that the same day, the city of Xining air pollution index is higher, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the weather and the afternoon of March 5th Hexi Corridor appeared in the sand weather. 8 in the morning, Xining air visibility index lower than usual about 10 km, but to return to normal when the 11. At the same time, human comfort index is more comfortable.

Provincial Meteorological Observatory captain introduced, in the afternoon of March 5th, the Hexi Corridor sand weather. Affected by the east wind, the morning of March 6th over the city of Xining visibility is low, but the day of the Xining weather is still normal, did not reach the minimum number of weather phenomena such as sand, dust and other phenomena. According to twenty miles of meteorological station monitoring, March 6th as early as 8, Xining visibility of 12 km, to the time of 11, visibility of 22 km, while in the year of March 4th, Xining, visibility was more than 20 km. Visibility decreased significantly, but little effect, and rapid recovery. At the same time, according to the meteorological observatory human comfort index monitoring, in March 6th, Xining human comfort index for the -2 level, sooner or later, more comfortable in the afternoon, the human body comfort index has not changed. (author: Wang Yalin)



dust cause air pollution index in Xining rose

March 6th, affected by dust weather, the air pollution index rose in Xining, was 12 times higher than in Haikou, becoming the focus of public concern.

at 8:30 on March 6th, @ distant sky issued a "8 Chinese cities air pollution index rankings in March 6th," the micro-blog, which ranked first in Xining with an index of 829. This micro-blog out, immediately attracted the attention of other micro friends and hot. Subsequently, there are a number of people issued the same content of micro-blog, some people doubt the statistical data, there are concerns about the quality of air in Xining, more people looking for serious pollution caused by the murderer of Xining…… Pollution topic has become a hot topic of concern in Qinghai. Reporters on the "China’s urban air pollution ranking" on micro-blog to see, this micro-blog every few hours will be released a national urban air pollution index rankings. Data released from the point of view, in March 5th the whole day, Xining air pollution index in each period are below 170, and by the time of the year of 2 in March 6th, the air pollution index rose to 519, second only to Lanzhou pollution. To 5 in the morning, the index has risen to the top of the list, up to 657. The 8 time index is as high as 829, which is about 12 times that of Haikou, close to the early morning of February 25th (Lantern Festival of the second day of the index) of 911. Until 12, Xining air pollution index is still ranked first in the top 627.

asked why Xining 6 serious pollution, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, director of the Department of pollution prevention Zhang introduced, and Qinghai, Gansu dust weather. This kind of weather every spring in Xining, and the emergence of some cities in the field of the haze weather is essentially different.

it is understood that the air pollution index is based on empty;

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