Carry out the mobilization of love on the riverside community warm surge

the morning of October 21st, Yin Ma Street office in the city of Xining City District on the riverside community staff busy, in order to make the area residents warm winter, we a few days ago for the residents bought quilts. In October 12th, the Community Liaison Station and the community will be carried out a series of activities of the love story of a report published, there are a lot of community workers call said willing to participate in, want to send warmth to the residents. On the same day, by the riverside community and the community liaison mobilization activities jointly organized the love station was officially launched on the riverside community party branch, area residents volunteers, youth volunteers actively participate, as residents send love, bring warmth.

"Nuong, hello there, we see you." In the Riverside Road No. 6 Ma Quanxiang old home, community workers and volunteers around the old man, "this is we buy you a quilt, is our heart." Community workers to spread the quilt for the elderly. Looking at the new quilt, Ma Quanxiang old man excited to say a word. This year 77 year old Ma Quanxiang is an area of low income households, three people living together, Ma Quanxiang and his wife are suffering from the disease, life is very poor. Usually, the community and the jurisdiction of the unit has been helping them a family, which makes Ma Quanxiang very touched. "We bought two tons of coal this year, how much to burn, enough, I do not know what to say, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you." Ma Quanxiang holds the hand of a community worker.

then, community workers and volunteers into the Ma Yuying family, Ma Yuying is home to the stove, we particularly pleased to see. "Niang, the heat? You take a break, let us help you." Volunteers called the old man to sit down, helped the old man gave birth to the stove. Community director Ma Dongmei took home with the elderly, other staff and volunteers are busy, some cleaned the windows, some tables and chairs, mopping the floor, some helped the old man to get outdoors to dry clothing. "To see you, I feel like my own children around me, warm in my heart." The old man Ma Yuying happily took the director of the horse’s hand and said, "although I am not around children, his wife also go early, to have this life thanks to the good policies of the party, the community is also very care of me, people often come to see me, let me not feel lonely." After that, the volunteers said that as long as the old man happy, will often come to see her.

in the old Ma Yuying home after work, the staff and volunteers went to the home of Li Qixiao and Ma Wenlan. Ma Wenlan is the area of cleaning staff, mother and child three people live together, to see community workers and volunteers to visit her, she hastened to give everyone a tea pouring. "Winter coal bought? What you need to say, the quilt is a token of our." "Bought, bought, thank you ah." Ma Wenlan shed tears with excitement. Li Qixiao in the old house, the volunteers also explained some matters need to pay attention to the use of heating of the earth for the elderly, the staff and volunteers to leave the elderly Li Qixiao, reluctant to part said: "you just like my loved ones close;

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