Don’t forget the heart to continue striving to be good party cadres and the masses of the people the

to carry out in-depth learning activities to the tip of Comrade

recently, the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee issued "on the posthumous pointed measures comrade" the province’s outstanding communist party member "title and carry out learning activities to the comrades pointed measures decision", called on the province’s party members and cadres to learn from Comrade pointed. Even Japan, our province the majority of Party members and cadres to study quickly pointed measures comrades, comrades pointed measures for decades on their posts, silently, to serve the people as the pursuit of life and the pleasure of life, the interpretation of cadres with the standard of life, good deeds with loyalty life a splendid chapter. Has aroused strong repercussions in the province’s party members and cadres, we have said, should take the pointed measures for Comrade example, remember the general secretary Xi Jinping on major Qinghai "four solid", don’t forget the heart, move on, to Party cadres, the masses of the people warm heart.

"every time I look at the advanced deeds of Comrade Liu, my heart will be shaken by a strong earthquake." Xining municipal organs work committee cadres Li Yinbo emotion, the tip of the advanced deeds of Comrade reflected in the ‘loyalty’, reflected in the ‘dedication’, reflected in the ‘ability’, but also reflected in the ‘clean’. 24 years as one day, one for the tangible things, overcoming the courage to play, clean clean for example, using the model behavior to cash in on the party’s oath, compose a song of dedication with life. As Party members and cadres, I also want to tip comrades as an example, put the mind on the business sector, to do a good cadre of the party, the people warm heart."

Xining City West District Education Bureau cadres Yan Junjun put down the newspaper, difficult to calm the mood for a long time: "comrades pointed measures with selfless dedication and pioneering spirit of 24 years, interpretation of the Communist" serving the people wholeheartedly "spiritual pursuit and neverdeteriorates political qualities. As an educator, I have to take practical action to learn Comrade pointed measures, strict self-discipline in the future, bit by bit from the start, to play an exemplary role in the service of teachers and students and the masses work, actively participate in the comprehensive reform of education development, to become the "Four Haves" qualified party."

in the study of the advanced deeds of grass-roots cadres pointed measures after the provincial women’s Federation Party committee cadres Liu Yanling said: "we must work for the party, for the masses of women service as the greatest pleasure in life, do all things work. Sharp measures comrades work conscientiously, and the feelings of the masses, is the benchmark for our women’s federation system learning, we should always remember, long-term learning. Remember the General Secretary Xi of Qinghai "four major requirements to", the people’s yearning for a better life as the greatest pursuit of work, the study pointed measures comrades spirit achievements, put in practice, reflected in their posts."

provincial Party Committee Office of the director Zhou said: "comrade in mind pointed measures like the sea ‘loyalty to the party’s cause to every member of the Communist Party, selfless love for the people" of the spirit, for the cause of the party and people sacrificed their lives, he is our every party role models. Worthy of our lifelong learning. In the future work, I will actively to the majority of young people;

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