Commemoration of the 4 14 anniversary of the earthquake in radio science propaganda into the communi


to commemorate the two anniversary of the 4.14 Yushu earthquake, April 10th Qinghai province Xining radio management office management office staff into the Xining Jason Garden District, Qinghai National University of radio science knowledge, radio management laws and regulations, radio control knowledge, and to the community residents and school students distributed promotional materials.  



in the community promotional activities in the radio knowledge prize quiz, promotional materials and small gifts. In the campaign by radio regulations and radio science knowledge exhibition, prize quiz, radio management staff and students in face-to-face interaction, let the students realize radio everywhere, radio has been widely used in social and economic life and national defense, wireless make life better. The prize quiz activities, the students are actively involved, the atmosphere is very warm. In addition, the use of radio settings guide and other promotional materials are also very popular with students. Some students have said that the growth of knowledge, benefit from a lot of knowledge of radio science has a further understanding of the radio laws and regulations have a certain understanding.



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