n order to implement the strict requirements for the safety of the first line

January 16th, deputy mayor Zhang Qian and mayor Wang Yubo led the relevant departments responsible comrades of the west gate, deep underground mall, the Yangtze River Road, the central square of the North expansion project of deep excavation site, oil Gas Co west gate station, the city’s production safety inspection and safety management work in crowded places.
in the west entrance of the underground mall, Wang Yubo for a careful examination of the operation of the underground mall in place the pedestrian flow indicator, elevator equipment, fire fighting facilities, after listening to the underground mall responsible about abortion safe passage, fire security work report, Wang pointed out to wave, Simon underground mall is a regional Xining flow density the largest, especially during the holidays, crossing the street, shopping flow overlay, hidden safety, safety responsibility, can not have the slightest slack. The city district government to implement the territorial management responsibilities, led people seriously study mall traffic laws, formulate reasonable traffic flow intensive peak distributary; comprehensive arrangement, investigation, smooth channel, non blocking channels, Jeeves behavior; strengthen the management and operator staff security awareness training, strengthen emergency drill, do not panic, they organized; implement the on-site counseling staff, to ensure the passenger traffic intensive peak, the main entrance of the staff to ease the flow of traffic order. City Safety Supervision Bureau to conduct normal supervision.
in the central square of the North expansion project of deep foundation pit construction site, Wang Yubo carefully examined the project construction organization and safety monitoring of the implementation of responsibility, he asked the project construction units to grasp the construction work safety standards, no danger of anything going wrong and daily slope safety monitoring project, investigation, implement the safety responsibility of each link, to safety first for the bottom line reasonable organization construction, processing, construction schedule. In PetroChina Gas Co west gate station, when the company has been informed that the city’s gas pipeline safety checks, Wang Yubo fully affirmed the company’s sense of safety responsibility. He asked the Gas Co in the implementation of corporate responsibility, to take a more stringent standard, higher requirements, strengthen routine inspection and monitoring, strengthen emergency drill, strengthen the safety of gas supply security publicity, the residents of gas enterprise.

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