Five provinces and autonomous regions in Northwest Silk Road culture

"The Belt and Road construction, not only to build a bridge for economic and trade exchanges, cultural exchanges is built along the region along the platform, to build national reading environment, protection of ancient history, common prosperity along the Silk Road culture of Northwest development. June 15th, the five provinces in Northwest China to build the Silk Road scholarly publishing project collaboration mechanism will also be released.

from Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Qinghai five provinces of press and publication of the person in charge of the area of publishing, and to accelerate the development of the news publishing industry, to strengthen the print work for the exchange statement.

it is understood that the "cooperation mechanism of Silk Road scholarly publishing project, mainly play the five provinces in the Northwest Silk Road Economic Belt geographical advantages, and actively participate in national major projects, publishing ancient books publishing projects; promote the publishing industry reform and innovation, enhance the level of quality publications, excellent results show positive economic and social development and culture the innovation of northwest; good agricultural and pastoral house, temple library and satellite digital library, carry out national reading activities, strengthen the national minority news publishing" Dongfeng project "and the publication of complimentary work, training, and in the press and publishing talent technological transformation and equipment renewal, and improve working conditions and expand the distribution network the basic construction of mutual aid and cooperation, promote the construction of public cultural service system of press and publication.

at the same time, put forward in the press on the development of digital publishing and network publishing, to accelerate the development of new formats, to promote the development of green printing and digital printing; the implementation of a number of strategic, guidance and promotion of major news publishing projects, the development of Taxation, land, capital and other aspects of support of the news publishing. In addition, the northwest five provinces will increase joint efforts to monitor, do a good job of pornography, and resolutely crack down on piracy and illegal publishing activities, purify the publishing market environment, standardize the market order.


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