Datong County held in recognition of the rural township of outstanding cadres cadres and masses me

9 4, Birch Forest Township Party committee and government organizations held a working meeting on the recognition of outstanding Party members, cadres and the masses in flood relief work. At the meeting, the township party committee and government of Hua Lin Xiang made outstanding contributions in the flood prevention work in the field of your 35 outstanding Party members, cadres and the masses to be commended. Party secretary Ma Zhancang, mayor Du Yongcang and other government comrades were commended to congratulate the staff, and commended the Communist Party members, cadres and the masses cherish the honor, and continue to guard against arrogance and rashness, various social undertakings in the future construction of Hua Lin Xiang offer advice and suggestions.

finally, the township party committee called for the township cadres and the masses to commend staff learning, positive enterprising, solidarity, common to create a safe and harmonious birch birch as a force.


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