Overseas experts hot 13th Five Year plan

overseas experts and scholars even to day continued hot China NPC and CPPCC are discussing the "13th Five-Year" plan draft, that China system to ensure the continuity of policies and strong execution, making "Five Year Plan" will draw a blueprint for the development of Chinese achieve rapid healthy development.

China system is conducive to policy stability

over the past 30 years, China’s economic take-off is a miracle, but behind the miracle, more and more overseas experts and scholars have seen the fundamental driving force of China’s institutional factors.

famous American futurist John · Naisbitt pointed out that Chinese system advantage is conducive to stimulate the development of vitality and maintain the stability and continuity of policies, it is crucial to economic development.

India observer Research Foundation researcher Ma nogee · Josh wrote that Chinese is moving into rich countries on target, all the way to achieve this goal is placed in front of both "The Belt and Road" initiative will be connected to China and external economy integration, and "2025" China Manufacturing Industry Guide upgrade, have special construction funds leveraging urbanization required for transportation, broadband, telecommunications and other service supply, advocate green ecological economy, encourage innovation and support the development of smes.

"Compared with other

development model, development model Chinese has achieved greater success," Morocco’s former trade minister Mustafa · said maecha Holi. In his view, a major feature of China’s development path is to pay more attention to the overall coordinated development, focusing on economic, political, social, cultural and ecological civilization construction go hand in hand. He believes that the great success of China’s system and development path, and the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China inseparable.

Christian, Professor of politics and contemporary history at University of Bonn in Germany, ·, said that the socialist system, the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the reform and opening up is the most important feature of the development model of contemporary china. Over the past 30 years, China has made unprecedented achievements in social and economic development, inseparable from the reform and opening up policy, and at the moment, reform and opening up is still a basic national policy of China’s sustained and stable implementation.

in Egypt ain shams university economics department director yohm Na ha · Mcgee, China economic rapid development has two main reasons: on the one hand has adopted a series of correct economic and monetary policies and, on the other hand, the government has China policy execution, so that each of the development plan. The smooth implementation of.

Hamaki also noted that an important feature of China’s development path is to attach importance to people’s livelihood. "The Chinese government will use the proceeds of economic growth to improve the living standards of the people, and achieved good results, worthy of praise."

"Five Year Plan" makes China develop fast and robust

has always been, through the development of "Five Year Plan" to guide the social economic development;

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