Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out special work on the campus surrounding

to create a good social and cultural environment for the healthy growth of minors, recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the surrounding environment of the campus, and achieved some success.

the bureau to give full play to the functions of industry and commerce, according to the law to increase the supervision of various types of business around the campus, strict pre-approval approval, one by one to regulate the main business qualifications. We will conscientiously implement the regulatory system for the food, such as the ticket and the ticket, with a grid based supervision and other special rectification activities, and strictly investigate and deal with the behavior of selling and selling "three noes" and fake commodities. Increased efforts to investigate and ban black Internet cafes, a thorough investigation of the interference of the normal school teaching, life order business entertainment venues. Continue to smooth the 12315 complaints hotlines, seriously accept the consumer complaints, into the primary and secondary schools preach consumer rights knowledge. At the same time, actively cooperate with the relevant departments of culture, education, comprehensive improvement of the surrounding campus, investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal business practices. Strengthen the daily supervision of television, newspapers, radio, magazines, outdoor print advertising, increase the intensity of bad advertising remediation. To strengthen the supervision of the school and the surrounding newspaper stalls, stalls and audio-visual products engaged in children’s toys, stationery and other commercial outlets, resolutely ban involving pornography, violence, gambling and other unhealthy content of book publications and shoddy toys. Since the rectification work carried out, the city’s total system and around the campus food business operators signed a food safety responsibility book 110, clean up and standardize the unlicensed business households 179 households, and banned "Internet cafes" 1 households, seized the host computer 20 Taiwan; ban unlicensed game hall 1. (author: Wang Yan)


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