Wang Xiaoyong stressed the importance of improving the level of scientific construction of the rule

7 month 6 days to 7 days, the provincial Party committee, committee secretary Wang Xiaoyong went to sea east market research supervision comprehensive management stability work, visit condolences to the rank of police officers and cadres to win.

Wang Xiaoyong pointed out that in recent years, Haidong city attaches great importance to the comprehensive management of maintenance of stability, adhere to the problem oriented, and actively explore innovative, making a positive contribution to the province to maintain harmony and stability. Wang Xiaoyong stressed that Haidong is a big agricultural city, the population is concentrated, the social situation is complex, the maintenance of stability of the arduous task, the greater the difficulty of social governance. Party committees and governments at all levels to accurately grasp the situation of the social situation, earnestly fulfill the first responsibility of maintaining stability, the basic work continues to reinforce the grassroots, to the development of risk prevention and control, service as the goal, efforts to crack the problem, padded short board, continue to enhance the scientific level of the rule of law, peace building.

Wang Xiaoyong, the city’s law enforcement authorities at all levels should study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in the party to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the conference speech as an important task of the current and future periods, insist to use speech to guide practice and promote the work. To adhere to the maintenance of stability as the top priority, pay close attention to the new changes in the economic and social development environment, according to the law to perform their duties, innovation and development, in the center, serving the overall situation to play a greater role as. To continue to strengthen construction of team of politics and law, adhere to the deepening of political and legal team standardization, specialization occupation, construction as the starting point, a solid grasp of the law enforcement standardization construction activities, to create a more favorable social environment, to provide more effective protection of the rule of law.


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