Xining two sessions sound governance blocking traffic lights to set a reasonable

discussed in the Xining Political Consultative Conference group, CPPCC member Meng Qinghai proposed to deal with the city’s traffic lights to conduct a comprehensive investigation, scientific estimates of the actual situation of the various sections of the traffic lights, to really play a role, to ease the traffic congestion in Xining at present phenomenon.

Meng Qinghai introduction, at present, some of the intersection traffic jam phenomenon is very serious, as long as careful observation, you will find that there is a certain relationship between traffic congestion and traffic lights set up in Xining. He said, some of the red light at the junction of 120 seconds, the green light is only 20 seconds, the release of an intersection, the intersection waiting for the other, traffic efficiency is not high, and the traffic lights set unscientific to a certain extent, some sections of the traffic signal lamp is too dense, the conversion time is long, there are some intersection set "right" traffic lights conversion, set the line "conversion of traffic lights at the T-junction, are easy to make traffic jams. Yangtze River Road and the Yellow River road T-junction straight section, when the red light is vacant without a car, so artificially caused traffic jams." (author: Yang Jian)

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