West of Xining City Public Security Bureau smashed a manufacturing methamphetamine dens

  Xining City Public Security Bureau West Branch in March 17th destroyed a manufacturing methamphetamine dens.

Xining City Public Security Bureau West Branch narcotics brigade captain Ma Yongfu:

November 2010 uncovered the big methamphetamine trafficking case, the suspects were dispatched investigation, after two months of unremitting efforts, to determine the exact location and selling dens.

in the arrest, the police seized 150 grams of finished products, semi-finished products, a number of precursor processing tools, the arrest of the 7 suspects. March 26th morning, the West Branch of the narcotics brigade successfully cracked a large drug trafficking cases and seized 510 grams of methamphetamine.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director of the West Branch Yuan Yongsheng said: the drug has become an obstacle to social development, the destruction of a harmonious society, a real threat to ruin a happy family. Yuan Yongsheng said that the police will mobilize the crackdown to curb trafficking of new drug-related crimes, to minimize the harm of drugs.


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