Primary and secondary school campus security will have a special supervision

to ensure the safety of schools, urging local governments to establish and perfect the guarantee system and operation mechanism of safety in primary and secondary schools, the office of the State Council of Education Steering Committee announced 15 "primary and secondary school (kindergarten) Interim Measures" safety work of special supervision, clear the supervision of 6 aspects.

The Interim Measures

special supervision, primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) safety work special supervision by the steering committee of Education Office of the State Council is responsible for organizing the implementation of the main check, local governments, relevant departments and school safety management system, mechanism and management ability, the construction and implementation of measures etc..

supervision includes 6 aspects: first, the supervision and management organization. Check the local government and its relevant departments to establish a safety mechanism in primary and secondary schools, improve the safety management institutions, the development of job security responsibilities, the implementation of funds, resources. Two is the construction of supervision system. Check the local government and its relevant departments of the safety management system, the primary and secondary school "three defenses" capacity building. The three is to guard against early warning. Check the relevant functional departments, school safety warning mechanism and the establishment of early warning announcement, primary and secondary school safety education, safety risk prevention work. Four is the supervision of education practice. Education and other relevant functional departments to check guidance, participate in school safety education, primary and secondary schools to carry out safety education, organize emergency evacuation drills. Five is the focus of governance governance. Check the related education departments, schools of prevention and response to anti drowning, traffic accidents, bullying and violence, crimes involving students and psychological and behavioral counseling and treatment and other key issues. Six is the accident handling. Check the relevant functional departments to deal with the school safety accident response, accountability mechanisms to establish and improve the situation, the organization of the implementation of accident rescue, investigation, rehabilitation and responsibility for the treatment, investigation.

according to the interim measures, the steering committee of Education Office of the State Council will establish a working mechanism of accountability, the special supervision results as an important part of education evaluation of government performance, the responsibility is not in place of the area to give informed criticism, accountability for school safety work is poor or serious problem areas.


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