Xining City the military support work presents a new bright spot

has been in Xining city at all levels of the military firmly establish the core concept of the development of civil military integration, in order to consolidate and develop the support model city results as the basis, to the development of local productivity and improve combat effectiveness, enhance military and civilian cohesion as the goal, support work from push, the overall level of work in the continuous improvement and innovation, showing a new bright spot in many military the support work.

it is understood that in recent years, our military and the two sides actively adapt to the new situation to support work, to the grassroots support work as the focus, expand new field, enrich the content, foster new highlights. The first is to vigorously carry out the "double seven" action, build military units were organized every year to carry out a military day experience observation activities, a "veteran off" activities, visit recruits a city, a month, a conscription propaganda and celebration, a time and visit troops activities, a consultation activities, to achieve a win-win; second is to carry out a wide range of support "eight" activities, to support work into the barracks, into the enterprise, into the schools, villages, into the streets, into the community, into the temple, into the family of "eight" activities included in the performance appraisal the work of supervision and the important content of the city set up more than and 100 service team, women’s mother Yong Jun Yong Jun service team, to carry out military service into the barracks perennial, the forces for the station and out of school education The instructor and the military instructor of more than 1 people (Times), to carry out military training and lecture 13 thousand (Times), various fire forces into the institutions and large enterprises, to carry out fire lectures more than and 620 (Times), the organization of fire drill more than and 180 (Times), and the township and city community, the establishment of "3+N" support work network, and the formation of the army and the police, civil education, interaction, new patterns of activity support the participation of the whole of society; the temple library all to set up a national defense education angle, the masses of believers to accept national defense education continues to expand; the army actively participate in "five special action" to build military units to implement all "the program for Improving Civic Morality" and "military ethics" into the Joint Convention, established a "moral lecture, soldiers and the masses to actively participate in the" behavior and the summer with the United States "All the people learn about environmental protection, etiquette, orderly and honest, love five special action" to build a civilization city and civilized city · do civilized people "signature activities;" four garrison initiative to undertake military training, military training at different levels have become an important part of the national defense education, municipal police and army civilized units reached 14, more than 70% in the (police) people build point was named county (Group) above the level of advanced units.


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