With the book to drift Xining Book drifting activities

11 point

the morning of January 8th, with all kinds of books books on the car into the flow of International Community Garden Plaza hyatt. The staff put the children’s books, cultural history, literature and other books neatly placed on the table. In a short time, there are a lot of readers around the desk.

exercise in the square with grandpa Ma Xiaoli, see the "elegant long floating million books rafting banners, took grandfather came to the village square, holding the" forest "love. City library staff told her the way the activities, she immediately ran home to get idle books. "Books drift ‘floated the hope, sowing the civilization." Xiao Li’s grandfather is full of culture. Xiao Li traded his book for the new children’s book, with a bright smile on his face. After the exchange, she filled out the reader survey, I hope there will be such activities into the community. It is reported that the

, a month long book floating activity, with a total of 12 Book floating point, according to set a good line on time ‘drift’ to the next unit. Activities began in January 6th, the end of February 13th, 11 to 16 hours a day for rafting activities. The event, a total of more than 100 kinds of procurement of more than 2000 books, according to the activities of the association will be additional procurement books.

this day, 57 year old ma in international community Bookcrossing, he obtained the required books. Although a few easy to master, the book is a bit old, but the horse master is still very happy. "Now fashionable electronic reading, their computer is not very proficient, some books can not buy online. Today, I have a book for a book on the market is difficult to buy poetry collection, the mood is very excited." He also said that this kind of old and old, the new book rafting activities, not only to save the environment, but also improve the efficiency of the use of books.

"Bookcrossing", "drift" into the community, "float" into the heart, to create a national reading atmosphere in Xining, truly realize the "book sharing knowledge due to the spread of eternity, and beautiful".


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