Xining Guiyang Freemasonry Tourism

is also a plateau city, also has a cool and pleasant climate, how to promote the rich plateau summer tourism? How to keep the pace of tourists? In April 16th, the "great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital of Xining tourism promotion group came to Guiyang, and from Guiyang tourism industry, scenic spots around the development, create high-quality tourist routes for extensive promotion and communication.

although Xining and Guiyang are two cities to create summer tourism, but there are great differences between the two geographical landforms, ethnic customs and folk customs. I believe this exchange promotion activities will make the two complement each other.". Promote the meeting, City Tourism Bureau of Xining tourism circle ring xiadou difference within 200 km of the unique Tu and Sala ethnic customs and the existence and Guiyang tourism resources of detail, highlights the Qinghai Lake tourism line, the Yellow River line, tourism source Tangfangudao tourism line, religious pilgrimage tourism line, the roof of the world the Qinghai Tibet railway line, travel tours ten boutique tourist routes.

through in-depth exchanges, Xining and Guiyang tourism department, the relevant responsible person agreed that the two rich tourism resources has become an important industry to promote economic and social development, the two sides have a huge space for cooperation.

it is reported that in April 19th, the "great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital of Xining" will be unveiled in Chinese trading of domestic tourism held in Guiyang on 2013. (author: Sheng Nan Gao Qin)

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