Xining will focus on the implementation of the four units of fire from the household registration

strengthen the organization to guide and improve the stall, a regular report for the record, real-time dynamic monitoring, fire brigade, Xining City Public Security Bureau will be from the four aspects, and strive through three years of efforts, the basic realization of all the key unit of fire safety fire safety "hukou" management. This is a reporter from the fire brigade held a news conference held on September 5th.

to do a good job in the current fire safety work, effectively prevent and curb serious fire accidents, especially vicious Qunsiqunshang fire accidents, the fire brigade in Xining within the city to carry out fire safety key units "hukou" management work, promote social units to implement fire safety responsibility. To achieve security self-examination, hidden trouble, self responsibility". The key unit of fire safety of concrete to fully implement the "three declaration" system, namely: the unit of fire safety responsibility and management change declaration, building fire protection facilities maintenance unit of fire safety assessment declaration, self declaration.

recently, the city fire brigade organization of the city level key units held the key unit of fire safety of household registration management work mobilization, and key units have signed a "hukou" management responsibility ", supervise the key unit of fire safety responsibility to perform fire safety responsibilities, strengthening the" three report the filing work, ensure the practical results; the implementation of "household management mode partition households, a file, file to membership" for key units, key units to establish a sound management system of archives, must be clear base, the situation that; the key unit of fire safety at least once a month the "four abilities" self assessment, assessment of the problems found and the weak link, we should take practical measures to timely rectification; implementation of key units "Red, yellow, green three color warning dynamic monitoring, the red warning unit, a key unit for the supervision and inspection of a month, two times in a row of red alert, to supervise the handling, interviewed unit is mainly responsible for measures to supervise the implementation of fire safety management responsibilities. (author: Yuan Yuhong)

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