Xining bus station to enhance the quality of service excellence

Xining bus station around

to improve the quality of service, innovative mobile carrier, promote chuangxianzhengyou activity solid depth.

at ten a.m. on December 10th, a passenger rushed to the Xining bus station east station, he wanted to arrive at the fastest time in Gansu. With the help of the ticket clerk at the station, he quickly chose to take a 12 – hour Xining to Lanzhou provincial bus.


"all aspects of the attitude is good, civilized language with a very good, very satisfied."


) "where do you get your tickets?" What time do you need?……" A more standardized, cordial and warm service term is the bus station in Xining recently in striving for implementing activities in a new initiative. East Station Ticketing team leader Li Qin:


"we carry out a ticket service specification language activities, is in accordance with the service language more cordial, more concise and more accurate, refined, compiled into 12 civilized language services, included in the scope of work team based management."

(recording only)

in order to promote the total chuangxianzhengyou activities in depth, Xining station branch around "with excellent service and best performance" theme "and the advanced nature of Party members to further enhance the sense of party spirit and work style to further enhance political business to further enhance the learning effect, in their own work or backbone to further enhance the role of leadership the moving target carrier, positive innovation, launched the" Easy Access "for disabled passengers, carry out free for visitors schedules, carsickness, boiling water, notes and other daily necessities convenience services, set up a key passenger waiting room, for the old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant women and young travelers a one-stop service, at the same time, to carry out the" voluntary service "and" party members bright emblem posts ", advocate dedication among party members, Party members and guide Give full play to the exemplary role of advanced and exemplary leading role, take the initiative to accept the supervision of workers, passengers, and actively carry out mobile services, obligations for passengers to solve problems. Xining bus station trade union cadres, Party members Wei Xiaojuan:


"by the body as a responsibility, demonstration, further strengthen the sense of responsibility of Party members and workers around the drive and influence to actively participate in a quality service to gradually form than the school, time, help, super strong creating competition atmosphere."


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