Provincial Party committee fourth inspection teams feedback to the provincial commerce department sp

unified deployment by the provincial Party committee, in November 25th, the provincial Party committee fourth inspection teams feedback to the provincial commerce department special inspections. Provincial inspection office responsible person on behalf of the provincial inspection work leading group office of Party Secretary Shang Yulong to convey the spirit of the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to inspect the work report after a speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial five person team leader Qiao Xiaohuan, representative of inspection teams to the Party leadership had feedback. Shang Yulong presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Qiao Xiaohuan pointed out that the party since eighteen, Provincial Department of Commerce party actively adapt to the new norm, earnestly implement the central and provincial government’s major decisions and arrangements, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good, but in the inspection still found some problems. First, the weakening of the party’s leadership, the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities are not in place, the implementation of the provisions of the party constitution is not strong enough. Two is the lack of Party building, grassroots party building work is weak. Members of the leadership team within the scope of clean government is not enough to grasp the main responsibility for the phenomenon of light business party building is still there. The three is to implement a comprehensive strict requirement, beyond the standard payment of bonuses subsidies, in violation of the provisions of no letters, super standard reception, illegal use of funds in violation of discipline problems still occur. Clues found in the inspection, has been transferred to the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Qiao Xiaohuan on behalf of the inspection team made three suggestions, one is to further strengthen the leadership of the party, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility for the overall strict party. At present, it is necessary to closely combine the "two learning and one to do" study and education, and thoroughly implement the spirit of the central government in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Two is to lay a solid foundation for the overall strengthening of Party building. Efforts to strengthen ideological construction, organizational construction, style building, built team, with a good team. Three is to seriously implement the strict requirements of the party, pay close attention to the implementation of disciplinary system. Resolutely correct laws and prohibitions behavior, persevere correct four winds".

Shang Yulong said that the provincial inspection group feedback realistic, comprehensive and objective, on request, the provincial commerce department leading Party group and all members of the team and resolutely implement, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility for rectification inspection. Li said Li line, one by one control inspection feedback problem, serious reflection, in-depth analysis, study and formulate rectification plans and measures, the establishment of the list of issues, the task list, the responsibility of the list and the pin number system, in the most resolute manner, the most decisive measures, the most effective way to change, the whole piece of the implementation, the provincial Party committee, let satisfaction let the inspection group satisfaction, satisfaction of the masses.


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