To create a new normal Cadre Supervision

adhere to the strict governance of the city as the key to leading cadres report personal matters related to work, and actively create a cadre supervision work, the new normal".
"references must check" to become the new normal". To effectively play a supervisory role in the work of selecting and appointing cadres checks to verify the work, from January 2015 onwards, the implementation of the "reference must check", to be promoted as deputy division level and above cadres, as deputy division level and above cadres reserve candidates, and candidates transferred to important positions in the comprehensive report personal matters verification, where found not truthfully fill in the relevant circumstances, I asked the cadres to explain; intentionally concealed, not promoted, not included in the reserve cadres candidate; irregularities, shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit; alleged violation of law, the problem of the transfer of the discipline inspection organs investigation clues. At present, the city has to focus on verification on 15 to be put in any cadres, and put forward the views of appointing cadres according to the verification results, effectively play the role of Supervision checks to verify the work in cadres to prevent sick promoted.
were randomly selected to become the new normal". From 2014 onwards, every year, according to the Central Organization Department 3%-5% the proportion of checks in the city, county level and enterprise leading cadres, leading cadres to carry out random checks to verify personal matters, matters related to personal information query results and leading cadres themselves completing the itemized comparison, do not report to conceal, shall not be promoted. Shall not be included in the reserve cadre candidates, and according to the circumstances, give criticism and education, organization or disciplinary action, of the leading cadres of discipline, "clean" official played a role forced. Discipline, "clean" official played a role forced.

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