Xining to Datong High customer service worrying

found recently, deputy director of the Provincial Transportation Bureau Xu Yong, make unannounced visits to check on the Xining to chase high passenger class lines, security and quality of service is part of the high-speed passenger vehicles worry.

Xu Yong a line of four people in two groups, in Xinning road bus station ticket to Xining to Datong high-speed passenger vehicles, with the car unannounced visits to check the implementation of the safety management of high-speed passenger transport conditions and quality of service. That passenger station management is more standardized in unannounced visits to check, but the bus illegal behavior is more serious, especially in the following aspects: one is the car safety told not posted, car safety told no disc player; two is the vehicle out of the station, the crew and the driver fails to remind passengers to wear the safety belt, passengers not wearing rate of 50%; three is the vehicle out of the station, the slow showmanship phenomenon is very serious, just a few hundred meters distance running for 20 minutes; four is the beauty of Xining bus company green A· 10029 high-speed passenger cars on the highway illegal parking to attract passenger; five high-speed bus in health passengers in poor condition, poor service attitude, and high-speed passenger service standards seriously inconsistent with the car; six is the ticket there to raise fares phenomenon, and not for passenger receipts.

to Datong, Xu Yong immediately called Xining yunguanchu, Datong County Department of transportation, transportation management, passenger transport enterprises and the bus station responsible person meeting, ordered Xining yunguanchu, Datong Yunguansuo on illegal parking on the highway to attract passengers green A· 10029 passenger car outage rectification, the requirements of various departments at the same time the measures to rectify the Xining Datong high-speed passenger line cleaning. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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