Sign language in order to better serve the community staff to learn new residents seabridge

provincial capital Bridge Street office new bridge community director Tian Xiaohong said, in order to chat and the area of deaf people, community college sent two community workers learn sign language.

at the beginning of last year, the more than and 80 year old Zhu Wenguang came to the deaf community, community director Tian Xiaohong received him, the old man couldn’t talk to Tian Xiaohong, had to stop you. "He is a good long time, none of us can see." Recalled the scene, Tian Xiaohong said that she did not understand the old man had come, the old man turned away. The community find relatives, understood that the elderly relatives to my sister, he did not want to apply for low income, then, for the elderly community residents to solve the problem, the elderly receive low premiums on that day, the community staff a thumbs up. This matter, let Tian Xiaohong began pondering how to reduce communication barriers with the deaf.

July 27th, Tian Xiaohong heard that the Xining Municipal Federation held a work for disabled persons with specialized training, sign language classes, in addition to the community dedicated to the work for the disabled engineer, deputy director of the community to learn sign language. Tian Xiaohong said, the staff is a learning sign language, in order to facilitate communication, the most important is a lot of disabled people hope to communicate with others, "there is no doubt that people need more care".


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