2012 urban volunteer service implementation plan

to further promote the "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress volunteer spirit, advocate the era of new ethos, promote overall social progress, promote urban development, mobilize and organize the whole system the majority of the volunteers in-depth promotion of volunteerism, vigorously carry out volunteer service activities, the following scheme is formulated:

first, the guiding ideology of

with the important thought of "Three Represents" as the guide, efforts to implement the practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, "the program for Improving Civic Morality" as the requirements to "serve the society, the spread of civilization" for the purpose, to carry forward the Chinese nation helpfulness, the traditional virtues of helping the poor, advocate "dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress" era the spirit, and strive to create unity, love, equality, harmonious social atmosphere, promote the spiritual civilization solid depth.

  two, active target

to carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, let more people to participate in volunteer service activities, strengthen the management system of volunteer team building, voluntary service activities, take positions regularly, the management system of the road, the volunteer service has become a widespread influence and social mobilization of the brand, let volunteers become the spirit of urban management system civilization construction is a beautiful scenery line.

three, active theme

volunteer activities theme is: urban management and civilization counterparts

  four, active content

one is to carry out four into, the four service activities. "Into the enterprise, into the community, into the countryside, into the campus, service enterprises, social services, serving the people, service development", give full play to the functions of the urban management system advantages, to carry out a wide range of business consulting, solve problems, help lone disabled, community service, dedication of love, social propaganda and other forms of activities.

two is the unit to innovation, the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress" purpose, combined with the actual units, the central work and professional work and voluntary services combined, relying on the urban volunteer service team, steps to carry out activities in the urban management policies and regulations knowledge to the streets, rural organizations, service advisory activities.

three is a help one twinning help volunteer action. To love the community, the truth warm people, so that volunteers into the tens of thousands of households, to help people who need help. With dedication to the subject as the theme, in the form of relay services, to promote volunteers one help one long-term twinning service. According to the community and the needs of the residents, the elderly, the disabled, reserves, life difficult for retirees and laid-off workers, poor students, national groups and other difficulties of the masses as the main service object, provide poverty alleviation, education, legal aid, sports entertainment, housekeeping and other volunteer service life.

four is the culture, science and technology, the law of "three" voluntary action. Organize professional volunteers to form a professional service team;

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