Datong County a number of measures to protect the difficulties of the masses holiday

chase county to increase social assistance efforts to carry out the basic livelihood of needy families and relief work, to take a number of measures to ensure that the poor people have a good spring festival.

on 2012 the county suffered hail, landslides, floods, freezing and other natural disasters of 19 towns, 147 village committees, relief allocated 600 tons of flour, and effectively protect the basic livelihood of the affected people. Organization of economy of individual privately owned enterprises, organs and cadres to carry out the "warmth and love" theme of social donation, donations 57930 yuan, to provide help for life rescue victims. Actively raise 30 million yuan to protect the funds, to advance to the urban and rural households in 20 thousand households issued 2013 1-2 months of urban and rural security funds. Timely payment of 1405 urban low-income families in 2013 1-2 month low rent housing subsidy funds of $270 thousand.

at the same time the county through a one-stop service for urban and rural residents to carry out a serious illness medical assistance, for urban and rural low-income families suffering from serious illness to give temporary medical assistance. Actively carry out the work of temporary assistance for needy families, 300 families living in poverty to give temporary relief, temporary living allowance of $300 thousand. We will increase social assistance for Vagrants and beggars, provide full-time staff and vehicles, and carry out active assistance to provide basic living security for Vagrants and beggars. (author: Zhao Linsong Zhao Tongyun)

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