Accelerate the development of urbanization in our province held in Xining

September 19th, the province’s urbanization development seminar held in Xining. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Xu Fushun at the seminar first conveyed the leading comrades of the State Council recently an important speech on promoting the development of China’s urbanization spirit, and implement the spirit of the speech made arrangements.

Xu Fushun in his speech pointed out that in recent years, our province has implemented the "four zone of two line planning, the eastern city of group development planning, the integration of urban and rural development planning, regional development planning, effectively promote the province’s urbanization process. But the difference of urbanization level, the overall level of the province’s urban development is not high, in different parts of a larger town, the extensive mode of development, the development of urbanization, urban industry support system and mechanism of weak obstacles still prominent, restricting the process of urbanization in our province.

Xu Fushun stressed that accelerating urbanization is the potential to expand domestic demand, is an effective way to adjust the economic structure, change the mode of development, the overall situation of the province’s economic and social development. Various departments and regions should attach great importance to further emancipate the mind, enhance the sense of urgency, urgency and sense of responsibility, to take effective measures to promote the process of urbanization. To strengthen planning guidance, preliminary research work of the province’s urbanization development planning to carry out as soon as possible, accelerate the overall thinking of our province to promote the urbanization process in-depth research, accurately grasp the basic situation of the province’s urbanization development, a clear strategic focus of urbanization development, the scientific planning of the preparation of the development of urbanization on the basis of. According to the province of love into the population management, social security, public services, land management, resources development, industry, finance, zoning adjustment and infrastructure construction to promote the urbanization process of institutional arrangements and policy measures to actively remove institutional barriers restricting the process of urbanization. We should continue to implement the "four zone two line, the eastern city of urban and rural integration group, Haixi development planning, promoting urbanization and urban and rural development, transform the mode of city development, improve the quality of city development, improve urban comprehensive carrying capacity and radiating capacity, promote the coordinated development of population, resources and environment, out of a the characteristics of Qinghai urbanization development.

relevant regions, departments responsible comrades and relevant experts and scholars attended the meeting, and to accelerate the development of urbanization in our province and suggestions. (author: Ye Wenjuan)


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