Fire safety on New Year’s Eve

February 9th coincides with the Lunar New Year’s Eve, the day from 20 pm to 2 am the next day, the Xining fire brigade ten Bingfen Road, three county district four to three industrial parks fireworks to carry out on-site duty and entertainment, dining places fire safety on-site guidance service, sent 10 flow with the ground point, to ensure that the first time rushed to the scene of the fire disposal fire.

the main object of the guidance services are: (1) fireworks sales, discharge area. (two) the construction and construction sites of the exterior wall of the building, which are flammable and combustible insulation materials. (three) countdown activities, commercial promotion, temple fairs and festivals. (four) key blocks, residential areas, urban and rural areas, the explosive and so on and cultural relics protection units. (five) hotels, restaurants and public places of entertainment.


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