Check the flyover to ensure the quality and safety of the project

2011 in June 3rd, Xining City Department of Transportation Secretary Ma Haizhou, deputy party secretary Xu Cunde offices in the planning department, the highway department, bureau of quality supervision station and development company, is mainly responsible for the accompanied on the third phase of the project open project under construction 8 pedestrian bridge construction progress, appearance quality and safety civilization and other aspects of the examination.

in the leading group of smooth project arrangements, smooth engineering bridge project implementation progress smoothly, the East Campus of University of nationalities and seven middle school 2 bridges have been built and put into trial operation; Shengli Road Primary School, West Street Primary School 5 Bridge, completed the main lifting bar bar installation and deck cleaning construction the site is being carried on; National University West Campus to complete the construction of pile foundation and bridge pier, are foot construction and trees transplantation. In the examination, put forward specific requirements for the construction site and found the problem, and require the construction units to strengthen construction efforts, strengthen supervision and management of construction supervision units, to ensure project quality and quantity.

in accordance with the construction plan, is expected to June 15th, Victory Road West Street Primary School, primary school and other 4 bridges will be put into trial operation before the end of June to complete the Kunlun middle school and the National University of the West Campus of the 2 bridge construction tasks and put into trial operation. The bridge built traffic will effectively solve the urban part of the school teachers and students and surrounding residents crossing difficult problem, in order to ensure the safety of public travel to provide convenient conditions, effectively improve the traffic capacity of the road, but also offer a gift for the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding the Communist Party of China!



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