New year’s Eve

How much money did you steal?" "Did you shake the red envelope?" This may be the year of the new year’s eve of sheep, the fire of a word. Men and women sitting together, eating dinner on the eve of the Spring Festival Gala, bow to grab the red envelopes on the eve of the new year’s Eve is the most special scene, a lot of friends also said with a smile: poke hand cramps".

in addition to grab red, gift money through the network delivery have become a landscape of sheep New Year’s Eve, many people even red envelopes are saved, "congratulation, red envelope!" Pick up the phone to open the software to fill in the amount, click "send", a blessing of love will be passed in a few seconds. Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mr. Wang received a special love, "the son sent 888.88 yuan to my WeChat red envelopes, more festive figure, the Spring Festival is full of new ideas, the information age is too unbelievable."

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