Cultural activities in rural areas with fire chase winter

Winter season, Datong County, rural areas of all ethnic groups in a variety of ways to carry out a variety of cultural activities, so that the masses of rural cultural activities showing a fiery scene.

in Xiang He Jia Zhuang Cun, Datong County, Castle Peak, elder brother, sister Tu who formed the team danced a merry dance in the village square, singing sounds of folk songs, let the Turkish town immersed in the joy. In Datong County, Jingyang town and village, Han elderly composed of folk art team in the new square, playing the drums, beat the gongs, twist up yangko dance, showing a festive and peaceful scene. In the town of Tal village in Datong County of Tulsa, consisting of Hui youth basketball team in the basketball court, a fierce competition, all of their youth, cheering and shouting, create a healthy and upward atmosphere. It is reported that large and small forms of cultural and sports activities are active in various corners of the township of Datong County, the majority of farmers in the winter to enjoy the cultural feast". A good atmosphere of culture and music, culture and education, culture and enriching the people, culture has become the county to promote rural economic, social development and long-term stability of the important carrier.  

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