A dual screen machine to facilitate taxpayers tax

In December 14th, the City District Local Taxation Bureau, in order to facilitate the taxpayers, Xining City Local Taxation Bureau launched a series of convenient taxpayers tax service, especially the "dual screen machine" service to taxpayers transparent tax, improve the service efficiency and good evaluation by taxpayers.

it is understood that the "dual screen machine" in the tax service hall is equipped with all the windows for the taxpayer’s display, taxpayers can real-time understanding of the tax business for the whole process, improve tax transparency and work efficiency, to achieve the service of "zero distance", "zero barriers to communication". Taxpayer Mr. Wang said happily: "in the process of business process, I can view real-time through the computer screen for the progress of their own, check the relevant information, if found mistakes can also remind users to correct, this not only improves the speed and accuracy of the tax, and the tax process more smoothly, for us it is convenient for many taxpayers!"

at the same time, I also learned that the City District Local Taxation Bureau in October of this year to promote the operation of personal income tax management system and online reporting system, in order to further optimize the tax service, according to the needs of online reporting, the Local Taxation Bureau will tax service department of the original self help tax zone to upgrade the entire network, the convenience of taxpayers to the tax service the hall for online access to information and reporting matters. In the self-help tax zone, online reporting by the network company specialized technical personnel on-site guidance to taxpayers. So, even after the office without conditions on the Internet can also be carried out online reporting taxpayer in the tax service hall, completely solve the practical difficulties of some taxpayers. (author: Zhang Qian,)


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