West District Xining City ten cultural events to accompany you holiday

2013 New Year’s day, Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival is approaching, the west area carefully arranged 10 content rich festival activities, so that urban and rural people to share the fruits of cultural development, to celebrate the festival in the rich cultural atmosphere.

during New Year’s day in 2013, West District will focus on creating 4 cultural activities, including the new year new year’s day, winter farmers basketball match race, the west area of "spring" painting pen and science and technology, culture and health "three to the countryside" activities, activities will begin by the end of 2012 to the end of February 2013. Before and after the Spring Festival, West District will hold the "Spring Festival", "happy gathering will be a Pro West District xiaonianye send warm activity and west area of spring 3 activities such as exhibition of excellent films. It is understood that in the "happy family" Eve send warm activity in the west district government leaders will be difficult with the jurisdiction of Quinton community personnel and the jurisdiction of the masses to make dumplings together, and share the eve of the lunar new year, and giving gifts, sent to the party and the government’s care for everyone. West district cultural activities focus on the drama will be in 2013 after the Lantern Festival opened the curtain, the Lantern Festival, the west area of the west area of outstanding exhibitions and activities will be on fire. According to the introduction, in the Shehuo performances, West District will focus on the show four sections: the lion dance, dragon dance, dragon dance, stilts to display the contents of the "Happy Dragon dance called auspicious"; to fan dance and dance butterfly exhibition content "Diewu Qing time" 120 "in the old man;" and "fat woman" common interpretation of the "old woman like" Happy New Year "to the ancient rhyme; new Bawangbian" as the main content of the show "sing harmony".

in the West District of the 2013 "three Festival" cultural activities, organized by the "towns do meet Festival, promote harmony" activities can be said to be one of the highlights of the event, not only has a strong appreciation and interest, also attaches great importance to the participation of the masses, not only the community of spring sing folk opera, opera big get-together, percussion performances, fun games, community residents cooking contest, there are "happy Spring Festival, happy celebration dance performances and sports competitions. In addition, the three section of the west district will be carried out to contact grassroots service activities as an opportunity to organize the majority of Party members and cadres in the region to carry out visits to the masses to carry out condolences. (author: Zhang Ma Zhanyu Xi Tao)

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