Xining City Lane wells investigated a black beauty room

West Street, Xining city in a beauty salon to hire a license, forced soliciting, law enforcement officers to be punished eventually.

days ago, Xining City wells Xiang Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers found during inspections, within the jurisdiction of the west 100 10 floor hotel room No. 1002 alleged unlicensed activities engaged in beauty. After investigation, the beauty salon is responsible for ten days ago in the West hundred hotels rented a house, in the absence of any license and qualification, without permission to carry out skin care and eyebrow business. Due to the operating point of concealment, the source is not much, the boss hired every day to the West Street, Water Lane market forced soliciting, resulting in some negative impact on society. In these cases, law enforcement officers on the spot ordered the hotel shut down beauty salon. Currently, the case is under further investigation.


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